Katrien Baerts, Soprano



Review by Hanny Alkema, Trouw - June 21th 2013

"The Flemish soprano Katrien Baerts has grown in the role of Bertken (she already sang it in 2010). Her voice and interpretation are nothing less than a revelation."

Review by Francois van den Anker, Place de l'Opera - June 20th 2013

"Soprano Katrien Baerts, who also sang the world premiere at the Concertgebouw in 2010, impressed with her singing and acting… The moment Suster Bertken in vision identifies with Mary, the combination of text, voice, music and stage became almost literally breathtaking. Bertken sang 'Mij kwam een schoon geluid in mijn oren' (A beautiful sound came to my ears) at that moment, lying on the stacked stones in front of her cell. Astoundingly beautiful."

Review by Max Arian, Theaterkrant **** - June 20th 2013

"He (Zuidam) wrote for her (Suster Bertken) brilliant, passionate and sometimes bombastic music, which the young Flemish soprano Katrien Baerts, who had sung the world premiere as well, performed beautifully and she also acted very convincingly and tormented as the bricked in nun."

Review by Mischa Spel, NRC Handelsblad **** - June 19th 2013

"It is not given to everyone to being able to focus outwards and to sing ecstatically about the 'spark' in your soul and 'that soothed child Jesus' while being surrounded by an ever-increasing ring of stones. But the Flemish soprano Katrien Baerts ensures with her adornment-free style and clarion-like clear sound, that as the listener you deeply engage with Bertken - if only out of fascination"

Review by Frits van der Waa, De Volkskrant **** - June 19th 2013

"Baerts again delivers a profound interpretation of the demanding leading role..."

Review by Erik Voermans, het Parool **** - June 19th 2013

"Soprano Katrien Baerts sang the heavy role with maximum and impressive dedication."

Interview with Erik Voermans (in Dutch), Het Parool - June 14th 2013


Review by Erik Voermans, Het Parool - May 2nd 2012

"But the finest of all is the next movement, 'Mi quam een schoon geluit', where soprano Katrien Baerts steals people's hearts in the role of Berta, with very soft and very yet very intensely sung phrases which are totally embedded in thin, extremely transparant sounds from the ensemble. … In 'Hemelsche opclimminghe' Katrien Baerts is stealing the limelight as well, now with a full, open soprano-sound."

Review by Anthony Fiumara, Trouw - January 31st 2012

"The young soprano Katrien Baerts is an incredible singer, who interprets the ecstatic assumption of her role sublimely."

Review by Wil Zenhorst, Mania - September 24th 2011

"In wonderful thin vocal lines Katrien Baerts interprets the texts of Suster Bertken, who leaves behind her earthly being."

Review by Muziek Centrum Nederland - July 29th 2011

"Wonderful to listen to, splendidly executed."


Review by Frederike Berntsen, De Telegraaf - December 6th 2010

"While Claessens is piling stones - a symbolic start of Bertken's hermitage - at the feet of Katrien Baerts, this soprano transforms into the mystic from Utrecht. Dressed in a white robe and brown jacket she sings herself, dramatically high and oppressive, loose from her eartly being. Her thin and meditative vocal lines are wonderful."

Review by Frits van der Waa, Volkskrant - December 6th 2010

"Katrien Baerts here glorifies with a pristine and enchanting sound, which is unmistakably based on a strong technical base. Baerts will be needing this next weekend, because next to Suster Bertken she will also be performing an important part in Rage d'amours, which will know two concert performances in The Hague."

Review by Erik Voermans, Het Parool - December 6th 2010

"The music is magnificent, soprano Katrien Baerts sings the role of Bertken beautifully."