Katrien Baerts, Soprano



Review by Max Arian, Theaterkrant ***** – September 2nd 2016

"An impressive aria in a fantasy language, sung by soprano Katrien Baerts by Claude Vivier."

Review by Herien Wensink, NRC – September 4th 2016

"Greatest asset: halfway through the show a gigantic coal mixing machine comes to live (...) while soprano Katrien Baerts gorgeously sings Claude Vivier's fantasy aria Bouchara."

Review by Hein Janssen, de Volkskrant – September 5th 2016

"(...) the beautiful aria Bouchara by Claude Vivier, sung by soprano Katrien Baerts. Her performance is a highlight of the show."

Review by Els Van Steenberghe, Knack Focus – September 24th 2016

"Highlight = From far away soprano Katrien Baerts emerges. Slowly she walks from the darkness at one end of the Floraliënhal towards the orchestra and the audience platform on the other side. Her singing fills the depot with magnificent sounds and, finally, vibrant emotion."

Review by die Deutsche Presse-Agentur, Süddeutsche Zeitung – September 3rd 2016

"Highlight is the central part of the performance: the composition "Bouchara" by Claude Vivier, twelve minutes in a phantasy language expressively sung by soprano Katrin Baerts."

Review by Jens Dirksen, Der Westen – September 4th 2016

"Claude Vivier's "Bouchara" in the middle, with soprano Katrien Baerts, will develop a utopian magic, longing and beauty in a continental-crossing-over fantasy language."

Review by Markus Schwering, Frankfurter Rundschau – September 6th 2016

"Especially Vivier's quasi-break piece "Bouchara", enchantingly sung by soprano Katrien Baerts during the rolling withdrawing of the reloader, gave the strongest moment of the production."

Review by Sascha Westphal, Nachtkritik.de – September 2nd 2016

"The fantasy language, in which Katrien Baerts sings, redeems one of trying to understand everything, and you are at least for a moment, simply blessed."

Review by Ursula Decker-Bönniger, Klassik.com – September 2nd 2016

"A soundscape of merging lounge sounds and the vibrant soprano Katrin Baerts open new sound spaces radiating calmness and tension."

Review by Karin Fischer, Deutschlandfunk – September 3rd 2016

"Highlight of the show is Vivier's "Bouchara", a love song in an incomprehensible fantasy language by the soprano Katrien Baerts."

Review by Ulrich Fischer, Huffington Post Deutschland – September 3rd 2016

"In a wonderful evening gown Katrien Baerts came on, thoughtfully proceeds to the orchestra in the middle of the stage (Asko|Schönberg), waits, till it's her turn, and imposes her bell-bright soprano; she sings flawless."

Review by Thomas Molke, Online Musik Magazin – September 3rd 2016

"In the centre is Claude Vivier's Bouchara (...) for this part the soprano Katrien Baerts was hired, who captures the mystical atmosphere of the piece with a clear voice."

Review by Pedro Obiera, Opernnetz – September 3rd 2016

"And as captivatingly beautiful is Claude Vivier's Bouchara sung by soprano Katrien Baerts. The little solo-cantata with dadaist nonsensical text contributes not the least to understanding the top-heavy evening."

Review by Abenteuer Ruhrpott – September 3rd 2016

"Great is the vocal interlude by soprano Katrien Baerts."

Review by Peter E. Rytz – September 15th 2016

"Katrien Baerts lays her soprano voice smooth and powerful on the orchestral sound surface. This musical magic leaves the hall sparkling away from the daily dusty resentment"

Review by Contentimento – September 23rd 2016

"The sudden appearence of soprano Katrien Baerts is a highlight of the performance.The wordless sounds she performs tell us something about not being heard."